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Here we raise preloved easily trainable family pets. We are also a reputable breeder of therapy and medical service dogs. Many of our smart pups have become loving ESD (emotional service dogs), PSD (Psychiatric service dogs), medical alert dogs, handicap service dogs, & certified therapy dogs. All are born and raised in our homes with early socialization and training with emphasis on creating a sturdy foundation of trainer/dog bonding and positive reinforcement reward for success. Every puppy that has ongoing training after they leave us has potential to become a service dog as well as a loving family pet. So if you are looking for a future service dog or just a well-mannered family pet you will find him/her here.

We are a small network of family and friends dedicated to producing these top quality puppies in five main breeds: Giant Schnauzers, Teacup/Tiny Toy Poodles, American Cocker Spaniels, Cockapoos.

I personally breed for  Giant Schnauzers, and only keep a few handpicked parents to breed.  If you want a remarkable Giant Schnauzer puppy look on our Giant Schnauzer Page! Other breeders dogs: All the Cocker, Poodle, etc.. adults again are from hand selected parents chosen for quality, short baby doll face, square frames, smaller size and of course exceptional temperament. Their calm relaxed personality makes them a great therapy dog.  Very picky on what Cockers to breed and stick close to the AKC breed standards.

I am located near Harrisonville, MO, about an hour from Kansas City.  The full blooded Cocker Spaniels are bred by my best friend for many years that lives in Kansas City, Kansas. She keeps her own puppies up until they go to their new homes. Poodles and other breeds are also in homes of friends and family in this area. Shipping is available if needed.

Our dogs are all very friendly, making them the PERFECT family pet. Puppies are raised inside and underfoot with children and other pets! All our dogs, (Tiny Toy Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Giant Schnauzers , etc… ), live with us as members of our family and have free access to the inside air conditioning and heat, as well as outside to play anytime they desire. My personal dogs have a large inside area and a huge outside yard to play in. I live on a 90 acre farm and many days they are just running free on the farm. Each of our puppies is well loved, well cared for, well socialized, and very much a part of our lives. All puppies that belong to friends and family are also born in their homes and go through the same socializing and training techniques we use at my home. All breeders on this site go by the same 1 year health guarantee, and raise the litters as described on the PUPPY CARE page. They are raised with love for you to love!

We have puppies available now! So if you are looking for a top quality Teacup/Tiny Toy Poodle, Cockapoo , Cocker Spaniel , Giant Schnauzer, or maybe even a different breed puppy you have come to the right place! Look on the AVAILABLE POO MIX page for all Cockapoos and small mix breeds. You can see our available Schnauzers on our AVAILABLE GIANT SCHNAUZER  page, Poodles on our AVAILABLE POODLE page, and Cocker Spaniels on our AVAILABLE COCKER SPANIEL page.

I have a lot of pictures and graphics so please be patient and let each page load. It may take longer for those who have dial up. If some pictures do not show up and you see an empty box with an X in it, or if the page will not load all the way, please refresh the page and that should work. If you email me and I do not contact you within 24 hours please call me, I may not have received it and I would love to speak to you. Over the years the website has went over several updates and “Look” changes. I am actually changing the name of the site because instead of it just being my own family dogs, I have let other breeder friends and family use it, so I have dropped my last name in the title to show this is a group of friends and not just one breeder.

Thanks, and enjoy our site.

A Group of Hobby Breeders All Located near the Kansas City area*
Shipping Available

We are A close group of friends, Each working on his/her own breed. To better the breed and offer home raised top quality pets.

Dear Dog lover, I would like to start by explaining we are a group of family and friends that have these adults as our family pets and that is why we can offer these puppies in different breeds that are raised in our loving family homes and come well socialized with training started. We each specialize in one or two breeds and only have a handful that live with us as members of our family.

Breeder / Breed: Kristina breeds and shows Giant Schnauzers in AKC conformation, Linda, Deborah, Nita, Sheila, Jamie, and Martha are the breeders of the other breeds you see on the site: Poodles, Cockers, etc… Combined we have over 150 yrs of breeding experience.

We also get pups from those who have used our studs. We all come together to sale all our pups on this website.