Cream / Buff Cockapoo adult

Breed: Cockapoo
We had our Barley flown to us the day before Thanksgiving 2015 and we could not be happier! He is so full of personality and is the sweetest and most calm dog! He gets along great with other dogs and humans too! He loves to snuggle! And he loves to play fetch! We moved to Dubai 8 months ago and Barley loves to play in the sand (when it’s not too hot out) and he even joins us on camping trips in the dunes! When we move back to the US in a couple of years we would love to buy from Jordan family treasures again! – Ashley Brunsman anbrunsman@gmail.com

Giant Schnoodle

Breed: F1b Giant Schnnoodle, 3/4 St poodle 1/4 Giant Schauzer in Chocolate!
Ava is our 4th dog to join our family!  Ava recently turned one.  She went thru 6 weeks obedience training at around 5 months of age.  We stopped kenneling her at 9 months!  We live in town with 2 acres she goes outside stays in our yard, and comes when she is called. We can leave her for 8 hours with no accidents or issues. She by far is the smartest dog we have ever had.  Best decision to purchase from Jordan Family! We love our girl! ❤ Vanessa

Red Sable Cockapoo Puppy

Breed: Cockapoo
We purchased Pepper (aka Rosetta Rose) from the Jordan family and are absolutely in love with her.  She is small and has a lot of spunk to her and all the other dogs we have just love her.  She is a wonderful addition to our family.

Breed: Giant Schnoodle
I just thought I would send you a couple of pictures of Zeke. He is such a sweet and beautiful boy. He has been such a great addition to our family. 70 lbs, 28″ tall. Susan, Email for reference: bish2fish@me.com

Breed: Giant Schnauzer
She’s a celebrity here, can’t go on walks without people taking pics and stopping us. I’ve sent many your way. Brenda email: Dahlman4@msn.com

Breed: Giant
Kristina,Here’s a picture of Pluto. He is an awesome Service Dog in Training. Please let us know when you can donate another one. Happy New Year!
Milissa with Noelle’s Dogs Four Hope gadawgs29072@gmail.com

She has grown so much!!!
She is so smart!!! training has been an ease!!! Only 4 private training sessions and she has already mastered sit,down,come,roll over, and leave it!!! She is more than we could have ever imagined and spoiled rotten! She is 6 lbs at 4 1/2 months and maybe a little chunky which is my fault! I have reduced her food intake recently! She is exactly what I wanted and is actually smaller than what I expected which is a good thing since some cockapoos I have seen can get rather large, so small is good!! She is perfect in every way!!!
Jenny… email: jenny071977@yahoo.com

We received “Umbra” (innermost and darkest part of a shadow) in 2012 she is from Barbosa x Roxie litter.She is a wonderful part of the family; she can be a silly handful one minute and the sweetest lap dog the next. She loves water and her favorite past time is Frisbees or catching tennis balls. She is very intelligent and loves to learn new tricks, anything for a carrot. What was so great is she came potty trained; we couldn’t believe we never had to clean up one mess. She used the doggy door on the first try. She is about 75 pounds and very pretty. We always get comments when we go out about, what type of dog she is. We have sent her to training for obedience and are hoping, to train her for being my Diabetes service dog in the future.Thank you for the great addition to the family. The Gorton’s email: mgorton@columbia.com

Lucy, our Giant Schnoodle from Jordan Family Treasures born 11/4/13, has quite a following. I wish I could tell you it’s her disposition, or her good looks, her intelligence – but it’s not one of those attributes. It’s all of them. Lucy’s an absolutely fantastic dog.In her first year of life, she’s taken and passed at the top of her class basic, intermediate, advanced, and rally obedience courses. She is friendly and affable, but a competent and alert guard dog as well, always attuned to what’s going on around our property or our shop, where she often acts as a greeter. Our dog sitter wants to keep her. Our customers try to take her home with their purchase. Our friends ask about her before they ask about us.Kristina was wonderful to work with – patient, forthcoming with information, knows her animals well and obviously cares a great deal for them and their future. We recommend Jordan Family and their Giant Schnoodles wholeheartedly. Josh: vajda_josh@yahoo.com
-Josh and Lori Ft Lauderdale, FL

Giant Schnoodle:
We couldn’t be happier with our Giant Scnoodle we adopted from Jordan Family Treasures 🙂 she is an absolute JOY to have and we never have a dull moment playing with her! Isabella was the PERFECT addition to our little family 🙂 Thank You again, we’re in love with her! We call her “shaggy” too 🙂 lol cute nickname my niece gave he. Carmen email: cdavis1986.cd@gmail.com

Nita adopted two of our puppies, both pictured here when full grown. Their names are Cocoa and Puppy. Email Nita for a reference.:juanitakoehn@aol.com

Pic taken at one year of age and testimonial at same time: Thank you! You have given me the greatest gift! I could never have imagined loving something as much as I love my Gigi! It’s a pleasure waking up to her every morning and catering to her needs! I run home to play with her and even while at work i constantly say i miss my G’ster through out the day! She’s such a cute and smart puppy! She’s my doghter and I’m sooo in love with her! She still wears the big red bow you sent with her! She has a closet full of clothes (literally) and bows but the red bow will always be my favorite! Omeikaomeikag@yahoo.com