Past Puppies

This page shows some past puppies we have had and also some dogs in their recent pedigrees to give you some idea of colors we can get from our breeding dogs in each breed.

Please note Cockapoo coats do not start getting curly until they are at least 6 weeks old

The puppies on this page show some but not all of the colors we get from our breeding dogs. We also get Poodles with tan points, phantom markings, and tri coloring, and parties in Poodles, Cockers, and Cockapoos. Please take note that puppies go through three coat changes through out their life so a black Poodle puppy can turn into a silver beige with age and a dark chocolate can turn into a cafe au late… Most of the time we can tell the difference when they are puppies, but sometimes it can be impossible to tell, so please keep this in mind when choosing a puppy. The possible coat color change is usually only seen in the Poodles and Poodle hybrids. Cockers tend to stay the color they are at 8 weeks of age, and the same with Schnauzers. You should also look at the coat colors of the puppy’s parents located on the individual breed pages..