Our Breeds

I personally only breed for the Giant Schnauzers and show in AKC conformation for championship titles and do all the health testing on them. Our AKC Giant Schnauzers  have military super dog training started before their eyes even open. We have wonderful Giant Schnauzers that make great family pets as well as service dogs with on going training. This breed gets 70 to 100 pounds and they are truly gentle giants. Look on our Giant Schnauzer page for more info. I do also have a website that only shows my own dogs and no other breeder’s dogs if you want to only  see info on my dogs. I’m the only breeder in our group that breeds for Giant Schnauzers and that is the only breed I personally work on. You can text or email me for the link to my personal website.

Look no further for beautiful teacup, tiny toy and Toy sized, AKC, APRI, & ACA registered, Poodles. They are raised in loving family homes and all puppies come pre-spoiled like all tiny Poodles should! Teacup stud lines are all teacup, with nothing over tiny toy sized ANYWHERE! Studs are 2 1/2 pounds, 7″ tall to 5 pounds 9″ tall and dams are also small! So pups are the extra Small on up to regular sized toy.  Sizes: teacup & tiny toy sized Poodles. We also get regular sized Toy Poodles when we use a Toy sized mom. If you are looking for a TRUE teacup Poodle, or even a top quality regular sized Toy pup, you have come to the right place! Our group of friends and family that breeds these Poodles strive to maintain a certain look in Poodles so you will not find short hot-dog looking Poodles here! The Poodle breeders you find in our group strongly believe a Poodle should be well proportioned and square in build, length, and height. That is another reason you will see true teacups on this site, because short fat Poodles that are 7 pounds for short but fat puppies are not in the breeding program. Poodles should be thin framed like a proper Poodle should be and square in build. That is why the studs are 6.5 to 8″ tall and 2 1/2 to 3.5pounds and dams are also small.  Instead of 8″ tall and 8 pounds, (hotdog Poodle), like some breeders breed! Look on the Adult Poodle page for breed info and puppy care.

In our breeder group I have friends and family that breed for Cockapoos, other mixes… Cockapoos and small poo mixes such as Yorkipoos, Maltipoos: These are not your average sized Cockapoos and poo mixes. They are very small, between 3-20 pounds full grown. So far most of these Cockapoo puppies have ended up being between 6-12 pounds as adults, but also get some smaller and larger ones on occasion. If you want the coat and size of a toy poodle but the build and playful nature of a Cocker Spaniel or maybe the calmness of a poodle, this is the dog for you. Because of the smaller sizes of Yorkies, Maltese, etc, Poo mixes with these breeds can be as tiny as 3pds on up in size of a large yorkie or large maltese… They display the positive characteristics you look for in a good family pet: great temperaments, hearty dispositions, low shedding, non-allergenic coats and a family pet that all ages can enjoy. Almost all poo mixes make great therapy dogs since they are smart enough to know how gentle or playful to be, to meet each person’s needs… Great all around dog and Hypoallergenic and shed free! Many people will use stud service from one of the tiny studs and their puppies are also listed on this site. All AVAILABLE Poo mixes can be seen on the AVAILABLE POOMIX and OTHER BREEDS page of our website. You are welcome to contact us for parent info on any puppy listed. Parents live as family pets in homes of family and friends that breed them and we all sale our pups on this website.

My friend Deborah Breeds the Cocker Spaniels and I have her contact info on the puppy page. Beautiful Cocker Spaniel puppies in every color imaginable! These are gorgeous Cockers and all come with their registry papers. The best quality parents:  such as short cocker nose, dome skull, soft flowing cocker coat, good temperament, and rich coloring, in the breeding adults and those champion qualities show in everyone of their awesome puppies! My best friend Deborah keeps a handful of parents as her well loved family pets that these beautiful puppies come from. Every puppy is held and played with daily in her family home. They bring the puppies over to my house every couple of weeks to play at my house and to let me take some updated pics of these gorgeous puppies! I have to say these are great family dogs and are as loyal of a pet as you will find anywhere! Deborah is also state licensed just like us, not because she has a lot of dogs, in-fact anyone that has dogs shipping to other states is suppose to be licensed. So we are and Deborah is to.

Things to watch out for when buying a puppy:

The number one thing to watch out for is back yard breeders, big commercial breeders, pet stores and puppy mills. Some people think if a breeder is licensed with the state it is a nice place to buy a puppy. NOT TRUE! Many breeders that are licensed have 50, 100, or sometimes even 200+ dogs that they are able to have by law as long as they feed and vet care for all as needed… Yes we are licensed with the state as every breeder should be to not be breaking the law if they sell puppies site unseen. I only keep 2 to 5 adult dogs at my home at a time so I do not have to be licensed, but since I bring puppies from other’s homes into my home, and send puppies to other states, I morally and legally should be and so I am. Do not buy from an unlicensed breeder that has more than 4 females, because they are dishonest by not licensing as a breeder to keep from having to pay taxes and be inspected. If they are dishonest this way, how honest will they be as a puppy seller down the road if something like sickness comes up with your puppy????? Also only buy from breeders that have a handful of dogs… We believe that a breeder that has any more than a handful of dogs can not give them the one on one attention they deserve in a loving family home… The breeders that have tons of dogs have to keep them in small cages all the time and so they live as unsocialized breeding machines, and not as beloved pets… We think this is the wrong way for a responsible breeder to be…. ALWAYS go with the small licensed hobby breeder that has their dogs living in their home over these other breeders. One good way to tell a big commercial breeder is that not all their adult dogs are listed on their website. Or you can see that they have lots of dogs on their site and all supposedly live at their home/facility… Never believe a breeder that says they have over 10 dogs that live in their home with them… That is just not possible and if it were the home would smell and the dogs would not be well socialized… Here at Jordan Family Treasures we are a group of friends and family that have dogs so even though it may look like we have lots of dogs on our site you have to consider we only have a handful each living with us. When looking for a breeder you should do your research and ask for contact info for past buyers for a purchase reference. You can look online to see if there are complaints on the internet from past buyers. Sometimes you might find one or two, even for a great breeder, because review sites will let anyone place a review, even if it is dishonest, but look at the content of the complaint and question the breeder about it. Look at how many complaints there are and compare them for similarities. Look at the explanation of the breeder to see if they tried to work with the buyer that had the issue… Sometimes buyers are not willing to work it out with the seller… A good breeder can show references and emails of past buyers so you can get feedback from past buyers, not just letters that have no contact info, but references that you can get in contact with and see how their dog has done over the years. I am always open to speak to you about the dangers of many breeders out there and am available 24/7 to talk and give advice even if you do not want one of our puppies but just want a honest breeders advice on where to look, what questions to ask, and what kind of person to buy from.

Why Buy A Puppy From A (Small Hobby) Breeder?

I take a lot of pride in my puppies, and love to take the time to learn each and every one’s personality, so it is very important that our puppies for sale go to very good and loving homes. A small hobby breeder is going to take pride and individual care in his/her breed of dog by handling the puppies for sale from birth until the time they go to their new home. A breeder is also going to have more knowledge of the breed he/she is raising due to the years of experience and hard work he/she puts into each puppy he/she raises to have quality puppies for sale. A breeder can tell you the personality, bloodlines, family history of the puppies for sale as well, where a pet store will not know that information. When I was young I made the mistake of buying a puppy from a pet store. It was so timid it would urinate at the very site of someone new. This type of personality might have been inherited, but would only be noticed if you actually took the time to get to know your dog. Which is something puppy mills and pet stores don’t have time for, or even care to do. Buying a puppy from a breeder is the best way to go, since you can see and visit with the puppy’s parents and see how it has lived. Pet stores get most their puppies from puppy mills that can not sell a puppy themselves, so sell it cheap to the pet store. Which intern over prices the puppy that they bought for mere dollars to make a disgustingly huge profit… Poor Poor Puppies! A breeder’s main goal in breeding is always to improve on their breed and in the end, aid in your search for a nice puppy, puppies for sale, or dogs for sale. Not all breeders are the same and some lack the basic humanity we take for granted. I have seen many breeders put their dogs out in the cold, even though they were too small and fragile of a breed to take that weather. I have seen neglect by breeders, (puppy mills), not providing shelter, food, water, or even mercy when a dog is clearly in pain. I can not tell you how upset I get when I see dogs and puppies living in wire cages and the top dogs using the restroom on the poor dogs under them… It is disgusting! That environment is in fact legal by the law statues so it is up to you as a puppy buyer to make sure you are getting a puppy from a breeder that does not have a puppy mill set up like this. Our puppies again are born in home as I believe all puppies should be. We do have a whelping building where, after birth we keep mommy with her puppies so nothing bad can happen to the pups and to keep mommy from getting stressed with too many people around while they are real small. Our home and whelping building is always available for you to visit… You can always spot a puppy mill by asking if you can come see the parents and other dogs as well as the dog’s living courtiers. Puppy Mills always have an excuse why you can not do this. If someone won’t show you their facility or home they are no doubt hiding something. That is why I and also my friends/family that have puppies available, always welcome perspective buyers, and even those just curious, to come visit our modest homes and see for yourself how our pets are treated. Please call anytime to set up an appointment to visit all our family members that walk on all fours. Thanks, Kristina@ Jordan Family Treasures

Now what makes us more special than other breeders?

Most breeders, even some small hobby breeders have several dogs in one home or facility. We however only have a handful of dogs that live with us as our pets, and the other adult dogs and puppies you see on our website we co own and they also live in a family home as the only family pet or with just a few other family pets… These other breeders are not what you would call a breeder… They are just close friends and family members of mine that have my dogs as their family pets. They are always available to speak to buyers, and like us always have their homes open to visitors. I find this to be the best way to be a breeder because all our dogs live happy social lives and get tons of love and attention and each home only has one or two litters at a time, so all the puppies also get well socialized and well cared for. I am very strict on how my dogs and puppies are cared for and so all my friends and family that are in this group all go by my puppy schedule, what to feed, socializing, and vet routine. Personally we also let the puppies into our home to get use to being in that environment, and those household noises. Small breed puppies we start potty training to the puppy apartment before they leave our home and on nice weather days go outside to play in grass in a puppy exercise pen. Large breed puppies are in our whelping building that has a doggy door and a large outside yard with grass. So they train to use a doggy door before they leave us. Our 5 young children love to spoil all the puppies. We play and talk to our dogs on a one on one basis everyday. Our friends that co own some of our adults, also do this. They also take the time to get to know each puppy, and only have one or two litters at one time so each puppy gets that important early stimulation for his/her best development… And the socialization keeps going on until the puppy leaves to go to their new home. We believe early stimulation and socialization of all puppies is the number one most important job of a good breeder! The adults to, should not be thought of as puppy making machines, but are true little gifts from god, and should be treated as such, and live in the home like environment as members of the family.

I make sure of it! I have looked far and wide for the best adults to produce the best looking puppies with the best personalities. Many breeders have their own idea of what their breed should look like. I can tell you this: My Cockers stick close to the AKC standard and I like the nice full skirts on my adults and a short nose, but not pug short… On my Poodles I like them to be thin framed, and square, with petite features and a short baby doll face muzzle, teacup / tiny toy size, and puppies have short coby bodies…. Cockapoos: I breed teacup Poodles with the shorter nose and square build to small sized Cockers with the shorter nose and square frame to get our perfect looking Cockapoos. You can see on our Past Puppies page that our Cockapoos look like small curly coated Cockers and not terriers like other breeders’ Cockapoos do… Our Giant Schnauzers and Giant Schnoodles are from the best lines and are perfect large sized examples of their breed. I looked for the best, well known lines, and dogs that were smart and would make the best service dogs for our son. I take a lot of pride in the look we have achieved with our puppies and it is mainly from the years of searching and breeding for great quality. Most important we make sure all our adults we breed are the best temperament and mild friendly personality. We are always available to speak more on this subject so feel free to call anytime

Kristina Jordan 816-682-0265
email: jordanfamilytreasures@yahoo.com