Giant Schnauzers

As you read on the HOME page, we are a group of friends and family and all adults other than Giant Schnauzers live in homes of my friends and family so the puppies can be raised in family homes, well loved and with potty training started. We all come together to sale our different breeds on this family website.

 I only have Giant Schnauzer adults at my home and that is the breed I personally work on. No other adults of any other breed live with me. You can see Prices Below in RED.

I do have a website that is dedicated to only my Giant Schnauzers and not the  other breeds  that are owned by others. Please email or text me for that link if you prefer to see only my dogs and puppies on a website.


Contact me now for info and pics of our available puppies: Kristina 816-682-0265 … email: Our giant pups come from some of the best working and show lines you can find. We’ve worked hard to insure that when we breed we will meet and exceed our expectations. We breed for quality, not quantity, so we only have a handful of litters a year of these gorgeous deep rich black Giant Schnauzer puppies. Moms and dads are TRUE Giants as to the breed standard and are champion quality dogs and puppies are BEAUTIFUL!!! Moms are around 65 to 80 pounds and dads are around 100 pounds. All our Giant Schnauzer puppies come with AKC papers, shots up to date, vet checked, tail/dew claws done, potty training started, super dog military training started from 3 days of age, and spoiled rotten… We work hard to socialize every puppy and get him/her used to every environment and different people. All our Giants get testing done around 2 years of age. Some of the things we test for are: Von Willebrand’s Disease, thyroid, cerf eyes, and hips. If a dog does not pass all health tests they are given out as a pet to our family and friends. Testing parents is not a 100% guarantee your pup won’t have an issue the parents are cleared of, but it does dramatically lower the chances of anything developing in your pup. PLEASE only buy a pup from a Giant Schnauzer breeder that does ALL testing, not just one or two things! Just because a breeder has been breeding for 40 years or is well known in the show ring as having many champions does not make them the best breeder! If this breeder is not doing ALL 5 of the breed health testing “Von Willebrand’s Disease, thyroid, eyes, and hips, they are not breeding for health and you are taking a risk getting a pup that will not have a long life span and could have a horrible painful life with joint issues. We are a member of the National Search Dog Alliance and donate puppies to qualified search and rescue groups, and law enforcement at no charge. The Schnauzer name derived from the German word “Schnauze,” which means “muzzle.” The Giant Schnauzer is called the “Riesenschnauzer” in Germany, which means “the giant.” The Giant Schnauzer was used as a cattle driving dog in Bavaria, and as a guard dog by the police and military and excels at Schutzhund. This breed has a loyal protective nature. They are wonderful for someone that wants a dog that trains as easily as a German Shepherd but does not shed like shepherds do. Do we crop ears if buyer requests it? Yes: We will get the ears done if buyer wants it done. We prefer you get it done yourself for the reasons stated below, but we can have it done by our vet before your puppy leaves if you want that. Payment in full is due before ears get cropped on pups that are going to be shipped! If your Schnauzer’s ears get cropped either by our vet or your own, I will be happy to show you how to post the ears yourself. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to post ears once you have everything set up to do so. If we get the ears cropped by our vet for you it costs $400. I only crop the ears on puppies that the new owner has asked us to do it on. Please keep in mind if you get a puppy that is over 8 weeks of age you can still get the ears cropped on your own by your local vet that offers that procedure. Most vets will do it up to 16 weeks of age. At our home we like to get the ears done at 6 to 8 weeks of age so pups can go to their new homes asap, but will do it up to 16 weeks of age if you pick a puppy that is that age. The puppy will be ready to go to his/her new home about 7 to 10 days later when the stitches have been removed. If you decide to have your local vet crop the ears call them and ask up to what age they will crop it at. My vet will do it up until a puppy is 16 weeks old, although for best results and shorter posting time, between 6-14 weeks is best. There are many different types of cropping on a Schnauzer’s ears and our vet looks at each puppy individually and decides which cropping would be the best for that puppy. If you want a specific cropping style you will need to send us pictures of it to give to the vet, but in the end our vet will cut the way he wants to, and that is out of our hands. If you want extra tall ears, or wider ears, you may have alot of taping and posting work in your future if the ear structure of your puppy is not meant to support that type of ear. Please keep in mind if we get the ears cropped you are obligated to stick with your chosen puppy even if you do not like the ear cropping cut. The ear cropping is an elective cosmetic procedure and is not covered under our guarantee, so if pup dies on the surgical table we will not replace the puppy. If ears end up not to your liking, or if you feel our vet did not crop them well, or even straight and even, we do not replace or refund. So if you are super stressed over getting the “perfect ear” find your own vet to do it on your own after you have your puppy. This is one of the reasons why I suggest you just get your pup with natural ears and take it to your local vet to get the ears done yourself. When a pup’s ears are cut by our vet shipping your puppy may be more expensive since your puppy will be a bigger dog by the time it can be shipped. Most shipping prices are $350 but if a pup is older or bigger it can cost a little more so contact us for a quote on shipping if pup is 10 weeks or older. If your pup comes with ears already cropped the ears may still be healing when you receive your puppy so take care of the ears like you would any wound until all flesh has healed completely. Please also keep in mind the ears on a Giant Schnauzer with cropped ears needs to be taped on and off for a while to get the perfect erect ear. I will gladly talk you through taping up your pet’s ears so you will not have to have a vet do it. It is a very simple procedure. If you are local you can set up an appointment for me to post your pup’s ears for you for free, and also show you how to do it on your own… I also have a link to a how to video on taping the ears on the grooming page. All puppies that (WE) crop ears for that are to be shipped must be paid for in full before cropping is done. As always if you are picking your pup up in person everything you owe after the deposit you can finish paying at pick up time in CASH. I personally prefer the natural look as seen in the pic on the left below. I feel there is just nothing cuter than a 80-100+ pound dog running through the yard and having those big floppy ears flying…..

Natural Ears

Cropped Ears

Soft Coat Pup

Hard Coat Pup

Soft Coat Adult in Show Cut

Hard Coat Adult In Show Cut

Located in the Garden City, Mo area and shipping is available if needed. Tail and dewclaws will be removed at 3 days of age. If you want a Schnauzer with a long tail you must contact us before that time. We can also take your payment early for a future puppy if you want one with a long tail in an upcoming litter. All shots and worming will be up to date when you receive your giant. We stand behind our Giants 100% and guarantee them against any life threatening genetic disorders provided you feed and exercise them properly. For a puppy less than a year of age we have a very nice health guarantee against any life threatening genetic defects not known at time of sale for the first year of life. We can ship your pup, so please e- mail us for shipping availability and pricing. Shipping rates depend on how big your pup is and if it is going to the US or Canada… Usually for a 8 to 10 week old puppy it is $350 to ship within the US, and rates can change so ask us for a shipping quote. If your puppy is bigger it may be a few more dollars… So again, call for price of shipping on individual puppies. You will get a very nice discount on shipping if you buy two puppies and want them shipped together. You can always email or call me for more info on shipping. These puppies are our babies & friends! We spoil them with much love and attention, as we are true animal lovers. The “puppies live on our 80 acre family farm raised with 5 children and farm pets. They each get individual attention and socializing required to start them off as stable and confident pups. We have just recently changed our policy on allowing full/open AKC registration papers as the “norm” for all pups to providing limited AKC registration papers, UNLESS prior arrangements are made. We hope to encourage responsible breeding by implementing this new policy. Breeding healthy, happy puppies is not easy…just ask ANY reputable breeders! I am not against providing full registry papers but need to speak to the buyer and find out their true intentions before I decide on giving full papers to them. I have hundreds of ads out from many years of breeding so if you run across one that states full AKC please remember we provide limited registration now unless we agree to do otherwise after speaking to the buyer. You will be agreeing to this when you sign the PUPPY HEALTH GUARANTEE CONTRACT. I do not promote breeding them for the sake of breeding, and do advice, after reaching full growth, to get them spayed or neutered for their own health, but I do not require it. I have full trust in the new owner to make the proper choices for their pet and would not sell a puppy to a buyer if I did not. My opinion is however that you are setting your dog up for future health risks if you do not get them spayed / neutered. There is a much higher risk of cancers in both sexes and uterine infection in females that are not fixed. Please do what is best for your pet’s health and get them fixed around 8 months to 1.5 yrs of age. If you get a dog from us for breeding we will be happy to guide you through the process. If you decide to breed your dog you have purchased and would like full breeding rights please call us to discuss. If your puppy was not a top quality puppy breeding rights might still be available, so call to discuss if you are wanting them. We hope the new puppy owner that wants to “breed” their giant chooses to do all the breed health testing just as we have done to better the lines of this breed, but we do not require it. Our Giants are beautiful loyal gentle giants. I am always available 24/7 before and after you receive your puppy to answer any questions you may have. From time to time we will donate a puppy “at cost=$500” to families needing a medical service dog. If you have a disability that requires a large medical service dog, and your doctor agrees and writes you a script for one, CLICK HERE to see our medical service dog application. We also donate for even less and sometimes totally free to non for profit organizations such as SEARCH AND RESCUE, MILITARY, POLICE, ETC… If you are interested in our dogs as WORKING DOGS, not medical service dogs, CLICK HERE! The price of our pups is less expensive than you will find anywhere for a Giant Schnauzer puppy of this quality, with health tested parentage, and AKC Champion parentage. We have had many of our puppies have great success in conformation as well as agility and obedience trials. Many of our past puppies have made wonderful service and therapy dogs as well. We are not rich and so know how hard it is to find an exceptional pet at a price that wont kill your budget, that is one of the main reasons why we try to keep our prices low. We also like to keep our prices low for those who need a large medical service dog. Some of our puppies even get donated to A Non For Profit Canine Assistance Program to help those in need of a large service dog. We also will greatly discount the price on older puppies to homes that are in need of a service dog.



Health Testing Recommendations by the OFFA. Orthopedic Foundation Of Animals:

The OFA, working with the breed’s parent club, recommends the following basic health screening tests for all breeding stock. Dogs meeting these basic health screening requirements will be issued Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) numbers. For CHIC certification, all results do not need to be normal, but they must all be in the public domain so that responsible breeders can make more informed breeding decisions. For potential puppy buyers, CHIC certification is a good indicator the breeder responsibly factors good health into their selection criteria. The breed specific list below represents the basic health screening recommendations. It is not all encompassing. There may be other health screening tests appropriate for this breed. And, there may be other health concerns for which there is no commonly accepted screening protocol available.

  • Eye Examination by a boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Hip Dysplasia

Note – In addition to the breed specific requirements above, a CHIC requirement across all participating breeds is that the dog must be permanently identified via microchip or tattoo in order to qualify for a CHIC number.



  2. PET QUALITY: $1400 to $2000 on hard wire coats and $2000 to $2600 on soft coats UNCROPPED, ADD $400 IF EAR CROPPING WANTED.
  3. TOP QUALITY: $2400 for hard coat and $3000 for soft coats, UNCROPPED, ADD $400 IF EAR CROPPING WANTED. Pups sold limited AKC unless otherwise agreed.

Our Giant Schnauzers are generally $1400 to $3000 but can be less on occasion, read below. Pricing depends on Quality of pup. All puppies come with limited AKC papers. Full AKC papers such as for breeding purposes maybe available on a pup at breeder’s discretion.

PET QUALITY WITH A FAULT OR DISCOUNTED OLDER PUPPY: Pet pup with a known major fault may be priced at the lower end. A pup with an issue is very rare. A perfect pup can also be priced lower if it is discounted because of being older and still available.

PET QUALITY: Good quality pet, male or female: We sell all puppies with limited AKC papers. So if you want FULL AKC for conformation showing or breeding you will need to call to discuss and puppy might be more expensive than a pet price. Pet Quality is still a wonderful giant and few people can differentiate these pups from the champions and most likely these can also be shown and place well in conformation if they had full AKC papers. If you’d like to show this pup in conformation or breed call us to discuss if a change in limited to full registration is possible for the puppy.

Top Quality puppy: Top quality pups, or the pups we feel are extra special are reserved for people who want to own the very best. A pup in this category is the best of the best and the top pups in the litter. The top quality pups also come with limited AKC until approval for full papers has been given by breeder.

If you need full AKC to show your dog in conformation and not breed him/her then you can contact me about a co-ownership registration for conformation only, which would be free of charge. You can pay for breeding rights at any time, so many like to wait until pup is an adult.

A pup with Full AKC is a $2400 for a hard coat and $3000 for a soft coat puppy, so if you want full papers on your dog you will need to pay the difference and this does not include $400 if ear crop is wanted or shipping fee. All registration limitations are at discretion of breeder. I do not sell breeding dogs to puppy mills! So if you have a bunch of breeding dogs please don’t waste my time asking. Small hobby breeders and those just wanting to show their pet in conformation are approved easily. Differences in Quality of pups: A good pet quality and a Top quality are very close and the everyday person would not be able to see the difference. We just see something extra in a top quality pup. Maybe a nice size, head, structure, movement etc… Having a tiny bit of white on the chest does not mean a pup is not top quality. There have been many champions with some white on the chest. Most of our pups have no white on them but if this is something that you definitely do not want you need to say it at time of deposit and put it on your Note section of your Purchase puppy form. Most Giants just as all black dogs will have more than just black within their coat. The primary color is black but what you feed your dog, where they live, stress, grooming, natural elements, and sun exposure all contribute to how deep the black is on your pup and the texture and quality of the coat. White hairs sprinkled throughout the coat are normal for a black Schnauzer to have. If you are showing in conformation a good handler knows the tricks to make a coat deeper black if needed. There are also recipes online that include molasses to get the natural black come back in your giants coat if it has the redish brown undercoat coming in that is known in this breed. Stripping and carding also help the black stay blacker. It also gets rid of a lot of those pesky white hairs you might see pop up here and there.

SIZE: We can not and will not guarantee size because on occasion even large parents can have a litter of pups that end up on the lower end of the breed standard. Also, you can not compare sizes of different lines since some lines start off as large puppies and other lines start off with smaller pups but in the end 99% catch up to be within the breed standard with very few exceptions to the rule. A runt may never catch up. All Our parent dogs are great quality and most are on the larger size of the breed standard.

We do not guarantee any puppy to be breed-able because it is not possible to know breed-ability on a young puppy. We do not guarantee show quality or champion quality do to too many factors beyond our control once a puppy has left our home as well as a puppy cannot be considered champion quality at 8 weeks of age. Any breeder that says they have a 8 week old puppy that is a definite champion is lying to make the sell. In our opinion the Top Quality pups are the best possible champion quality pups of the litter. Most breeders that guarantee show quality are guaranteeing the exact same thing we guarantee below. Which is “at time of sale” the pup has no noticeable major faults that would prevent it from being shown.


A pup $3000 or over in price before any add ons such as ear cropping cost: On a TOP QUALITY PUP, at your first vet visit dated within 3 business days of purchase, If vet finds a major defect that we missed which is a structural problem that would cause the dog to be disqualified in conformation such as a undescended testicle, you can return it for another puppy within 48 hrs of your vet noticing the defect. Small faults that are not disqualifying faults will not be covered. Pup must be at our home within 48 hrs of vet noticing defect and all registry and shot record papers must be returned as well for buyer to receive a replacement pup. If puppy is not returned within 48 hrs it is assumed that buyer has forfeited this guarantee and no replacement will be given at a later date. Only remedy is puppy exchange, no refunds of any amount. If a major conformation fault is found at a later date that is not life threatening it is not covered. Just FYI All show dogs have small faults, just like there are no truly perfect humans, how you play the game is mastering the art of hiding the small faults of your dog and hoping they are not as noticeable as the faults of the dog standing next to him in the show ring. This is an imperfect world and there is not a PERFECT dog just nice dogs that have really experienced handlers and groomers. More puppies than just the top quality puppies may be of show quality, and we do not guarantee a top quality pup will place in conformation trials because I have no control over your ear cropping, ear posting, grooming, training, etc… You may prefer agility and obedience over conformation, and you are welcome to get your new pup into whatever you choose to do, or just keep him/her as a cherished family pet and or service dog. I do show some of my adults in conformation from time to time. All my pups are AKC Championed Sire. My first Giants I owned were medical service dogs and trained therapy dogs and with puppies and having 5 children at home of my own that pretty much makes a full schedule for us as owners and handlers, even so you can still see me on occasion at a conformation show if I am working one of my adults. Almost all our puppies are sold before being ready to go home. We do this by taking deposits and it’s on a first come first serve basis. Deposits are great because it ensures you’ll be getting the dog you want and it allows me to hold that dog for you. Before sending your deposit please get in touch with us first. We want to make sure a giant will be a good fit for you and we’ll also fill you in on current availability and upcoming litters… Keep in mind this pet will be very large and so will need ongoing training. For example: You do not want a 80 to 100 pound dog with issues like chewing, unless you do not care for your furniture and shoes. All puppies chew somewhat, but can easily be trained to only chew on their toys. Make sure before sending a deposit your sure you want a giant because we’re only looking for forever homes. If you ever have to re-home your giant we ask that it comes back to us and will pay for shipping if needed. The deposit does go towards the purchase price of your Giant. Deposits are non refundable unless we don’t have enough pups to go around do to unforeseen reasons. With that deposit we’ll be holding a dog for you and passing up others who’d like to purchase that pup. When someone backs out of a pup we use the deposit money towards food and boarding expenses while we look for a new home. If you pay in full instead of putting a deposit down and back out we will refund your full purchase price minus the deposit amount. All our adults are well trained in obedience and my first personal Schnauzers were trained medical service dogs, (PSD). They are all exceptional in intelligence, personality, and over all sound in structure, very healthy and have beautiful coat quality for the breed. Please check out our other pages to see grooming feeding, and general care instructions.

Jordans’ Majestic Calypso:

Calypso, pictured here with pups. SHE IS NOW RETIRED FROM BREEDING.  She is more pet and working lines. Very nice looking large girl, with thick curly soft coat. Some kennels in her lines are El Lobo, and a Skansen three generations back. She has tested and passed testing for: thyroid normal, Von Willebrand’s Disease clear, CERF eyes OFA certified normal… Is OFA certified on hips fair. She is 95 lbs and 27” tall. Soft American Coat.

Jordans’ Champion Destiny:

Click Here For Pedigree and Testing
Destiny Is a beautiful girl that championed out very quickly. She is from a long line of Champions. She is from Skansens Kennel with many champs in her pedigree and both her parents are also champions. Great Grand Parent is GRAND CH GREAT GATSBY. 22 champs in her 4 generation pedigree. She is tested and cleared on VWB disease, and thyroid, OFA certified normal eyes, Hips ofa certified Good. She is around 75 lbs and 25 to 26” tall. Soft American Coat

Jordans’ Princess Isabella:

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Isabella. Same pedigree info as the two sisters below. The sire is the same and the dam of this girl is a full sister to the dam of Stormy and Pepper below. Working lines close up, and when you see Champions they are top ones such as CH Gloris Arizona Bill as a G- Grandfather. Some kennels in the pedigree are Gloris, HiStyle, Azzuma, Keystone… 14 Ch in the 4 gen pedigree. She has tested and passed testing for: thyroid normal, Von Willebrand’s Disease clear, CERF eyes OFA certified normal… Is OFA certified on hips Goodl. She is 80 lbs and 27” tall. Soft American Coat

Jordans’ Storm of the Century:

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Stormy, Please ignore the mommy boobies in this pic, she was nursing 5 wk old pups when I took it. Nice pedigrees on these sisters. Working lines close up, and when you see Champions they are top ones such as CH Gloris Arizona Bill as a g-grandfather. Some kennels in their pedigree are Gloris, HiStyle, Azzuma, Keystone… 14 Ch in their 4 gen pedigree. Tested and passed testing for: thyroid normal, Von Willebrand’s Disease clear, CERF eyes OFA certified normal, Hips ofa certified excellent. She is about 70 bs and 25” tall. Soft American Coat.

Jordans’ Peppermint Patty:

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Pepper, Nice pedigrees on these sisters. Working lines close up, and when you see Champions they are top ones such as CH Gloris Arizona Bill as a g-grandfather. Some kennels in their pedigree are Gloris, HiStyle, Azzuma, Keystone… 14 Ch in their 4 gen pedigree. Tested and passed testing for: thyroid normal, Von Willebrand’s Disease clear, CERF eyes OFA certified normal, Hips ofa certified Good. She is about 80 lbs and 26” tall. Soft American Coat.

Ch Jordans’ Ruff N Rowdy: At 22 mths old

To the right is our stud Rowdy aka: Champion Jordans’ Ruff N Rowdy. He has 18 champs in his 4 gen pedigree. Some kennels in his ped are HiStyle, Tanglewoods, Ingebar’s, and Skansen three gen back. He is pictured here at 22 months of age. He is around 100pds and 29” tall. He is the same size as our big Barbosa. Gorgeous thick soft coat, rich black. He championed out very quickly. He has a strong presence in the ring; love his movement, and exquisite structure. He has tested and passed testing for: thyroid normal, Von Willebrand’s Disease clear, CERF eyes OFA certified normal… Is OFA certified on hips Good. Soft American Coat

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Ch Jordans’ Captain Black Beard Barbosa at 4yrs old.

To the left is our stud Barbosa aka: Champion Jordans’ Captain Black Beard Barbosa. He is 100+ pounds, 29″ tall at the shoulder, and is a hard, (German), coat Giant Schnauzer. He is quite large for a Giant Schnauzer. He is a wonderful alert boy and is not as laid back as the girls. He is more active and follows my kids into the woods on hunting trips. His stature and muscular build is what we try to breed for. He is a strong guy and if you come meet him please don’t bring any pet chickens… He likes to chaise and eat them… LOL… Update, as of 1-1-16 Barbosa now lives at my mother in laws house as her protection farm dog. We will still be using him occasionally for stud services as needed. He is 110% healthy and strong. He has tested and passed testing for: thyroid normal, Von Willebrand’s Disease clear, CERF eyes OFA certified normal… Is OFA certified on hips Good. Hard German Coat.

Click Here For Pedigree and Testing

Breed Health Testing is something I feel very strongly about on the Giant Schnauzer. All my personal adults are health tested. This is a rare breed and so you will see more issues pop up in the lines than you will see in breeds with more diverse backgrounds. Just because the parents pass testing does not guarantee a pup wont have an issue but it does drastically reduce the chance of it. If no breeders do the health testing then eventually the solid blacks will go the same way the salt and peppers have gone and end up having horrible genetics on hips or something else. I suggest only buying from a breeder that does all the health testing and then asking to see the certified results of the testing. If you get full rights from me for breeding I hope you choose to also do the best thing to “better” the breed and only breed health tested good quality dogs.

Conformation show dogs: Now many people ask what look you need to win at a conformation show. Wire coat, Mix coat, or American soft coat??? Personally I like the fullness of the mixed to softer coat. We do get all coat types in our litters. There has been champions in all three coat types / and both elegant and muscular build… and it is up to the “Eye of the Beholder”, aka “Show Judge” which dog wins. Your handler / groomer also makes a big difference in if your dog is a winner or not… We breed great quality Schnauzers and we prefer the working dog look with the softer coat. So we try to get mixed to American coats and the bigger dog with the more muscular build. I have had many compliments on the body type of our parents, their larger size and broad muscular chest seems to be what the pet owners as well as the conformation buyers want. If you want a more angular thin framed elegant type that is short statured I’m sure you will find it but not here. Our dogs stick to the breed standard and I feel size needs to be on the upper end of the standard to have the presence a giant should have. All Our parent dogs are great quality and some are champions but they are just as good at pulling a cart full of kids as they would be winning in the ring. In my opinion there is nothing prettier than a large muscular schnauzer that has that beautiful soft American or mixed coat that has a nice schnauzer cut. If you want a champion but do not want to mess with the “POLITICS” of conformation you might be more interested in obedience or agility trials. You can visit AKC.ORG to see the list of AKC events in your area. I recommend the following books and training aids to keep your giant well trained and well loved! ALSO LOOK ON OUR TRAINING PAGE!!! The World of Schnauzers – Johan Gallant Dog Psychology and Development : Culture Clash – Jean Donaldson, Dog Talk – John Ross and Barbara McKinney, Dog Behavior: Why Dogs Do What They Do – Ian Dunbar, Dog’s Mind: Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior – B. Fogle, Don’t Shoot The Dog – Karen Pryor, How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With – Rutherford & Neil, Man Meets Dog – Konrad Lorenz, The Body Language and Emotion of Dogs – Myrna Milani Training – Obedience: Play Training Your Dog – Deborah Burnham, Beyond Basic Dog Training – Diane L. Bauman, Expert Obedience Training For Dogs – Winifred G. Strickland

A Past Giant Schnauzer Pup at 6 months old, JADE, Natural ears.

Past Giant Schnauzer Pup with ears cropped at 3 to 4 mths old:

Past Giant Schnauzer Pup with ears NATURAL at 3 to 4 mths old:

Contact me now for info and pics of our available puppies:
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