Cocker Spaniels

As you read on the HOME page, we are a group of friends and family and all adults live in homes of my friends and family so the puppies can be raised in family homes, well loved and with potty training started. We all come together to sale our different breeds on this family website.

Deborah is the main one that breeds the full Cockers you see on our website.

Note from Deborah: We searched far and wide for the best quality Cockers to be our beautiful pets as well as give us some gorgeous Cocker puppies. We only breed to improve the breed and strive to create the best looking Cockers with great temperaments that make the perfect FAMILY pet. We breed top quality registered American Cocker Spaniels, and stick close to the AKC standard of the breed. All our Cockers come registered with AKC or another dog registry. We deeply care for everyone of our puppies and want them to go to loving family homes… I may ok a puppy to go to a small family breeder like we are but will NOT allow one of our puppies to go to a home that has several breeding dogs such as a commercial kennel or large kennel. We ask that you call and discuss with us your family situation and any pets you may have so we can make sure the puppy you are interested in is the perfect fit for your family home. Every puppy is an individual and so not just any puppy is ok for any home. We dedicate several hours a day to socializing every puppy we have and they are all loved and held daily and are raised in our home so are used to that environment

We have just recently changed our policy on allowing full/open registration papers as the “norm” to providing limited registration papers, UNLESS prior arrangements are made. We hope to encourage responsible breeding by implementing this new policy. Breeding healthy, happy puppies is not easy…just ask ANY reputable breeder! I am not against providing full registry papers but need to speak to the buyer and find out their true intentions before I decide on giving full papers to them. I have hundreds of ads out from many years of breeding so if you run across one that says full registry papers please remember we provide limited registration now unless we agree to do otherwise after speaking to the buyer. You will be agreeing to this when you sign the puppy guarantee contract.

GROOMING: Cockers require grooming once a month but can go two or three months between grooming if you keep them in a puppy or short cut. I of coarse love the long Cocker skirt and if you desire to keep your dog in a show cut like this you will need to brush it at least a few times a week. Please also remember to brush your Cockers teeth once a week to prevent tooth decay. Visit Our GROOMING PAGE for more info on grooming. Cockers are very loving loyal dogs and make wonderful family pets. You should always make sure the parent dogs are happy and friendly because timidness can be inherited. We make sure all our adults are loving sweet dogs and not anxious or flighty at all. You are welcome to come visit us, and play with the puppies anytime to see for yourself what nice pups they truly are. Just call us for an appointment a few days in advance.

Before shipping, your puppy will see a vet before it is transferred to you and if any medical issues are seen at all we will contact you immediately and see if you would like to put your money paid towards another puppy.

*We guarantee the health of your puppy, as long as you follow these directions for the puppy’s proper care

1.Vet check: Take your new puppy to the veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving it. This is required or guarantee is void. Your puppy will come with shots and worming up to date. Puppy must also finish his puppy shot regiment and be on a heart-worm preventative or guarantee is null and void.

2.Measure your puppy’s food intake: I will send some food, (Life’s Abundance dry puppy food or another premium puppy food), home with your new puppy. Please have this food on hand before you receive your puppy. **If you would like to change his/her diet please call me first, so I can explain the proper way to switch from one kind of food to another and approve the new food. We do recommend feeding your puppy Life’s Abundance puppy food for at least the first year of life. Please visit our Puppy Nutrition page for info on where to buy this wonderful holistic all natural puppy food. Measure food intake for the first few months to make sure your puppy is eating enough. Your puppy will come with NuVet Vitamins and I ask that you keep him/her on this vitamin for at least the first year of life to help with the immune system and proper development.

3. Keep as inside dog until at least 5 months of age: A small body loses heat quickly so at least for the first few months my advice would be to keep your puppy indoors if it is cold outside.

4. Keep puppy kenneled: At night put your puppy in a confined area or crate so it does not over exert itself or get into trouble. This also helps potty train your puppy.

Please visit the GUARANTEE AND PAYMENT page for the legal health guarantee contract you will be agreeing to and signing for one of our puppies.

SHIPPING: We are located near Kansas City, Kansas. To ship a puppy within the continental USA is an additional fee. This fee includes the required travel crate, and health certificate to fly. I ship puppies that I deem ready for transport at 8 weeks of age. I trust Delta, AA, and Frontier Airlines with my tiny puppies because they provide a temp. controlled room and watch the puppies the entire time they have them…This is a worry free and safe way to send your puppy. In the event I have to ship a puppy using a different airline, I always check for safe pet handling procedures. International buyers must contact me for shipping arrangements. See GUARANTEE AND PAYMENT page for more shipping details.

Deborah: 913-999-1776

Some Of Our Cocker Parents


Reese: Chocolate. She is 15 pounds and 12″ tall. AKC registered DAM
Snickers:Chocolate and Tan 15 pds and 12″ tall. AKC regis tered dam.
Princess: Silver Buff. Our smallest female. She is around 12 pounds and around 11″ tall. APRI, ACA registered DAM.


Diego.Chocolate AKC/APRI SIRE with many Champs in pedigree! 13″ tall 23 pounds.
KyleHe is our tiniest stud and very small for a Cocker male. He is silver buff and is triple registered: AKC, APRI, ACA registered.

Deborah: 913-999-1776