Gurantee & Payments

Buyer must read The NUTRITION PAGE, PUPPY CARE PAGE, POTTY & OBEDIENCE TRAINING PAGE, BLOG PAGE, BREED PAGE of puppy, and the HEALTH GUARANTEE FORM before purchasing one of our puppies.

Always call before making a payment to make sure puppy you want is available and so I can watch for your incoming payment. You can always call me to walk you through the payment process: Kristina Jordan 816-682-0265, If you are buying a Cocker puppy please contact Deborah: 913-999-1776 Tracking is enough to prove I received the letter. Do not put a mandatory signature on it, so wave signature if needed, so they will leave it at my home. If you absolutely must have a signature then only send with usps since other carriers are over an hour from my home and I can not drive an hour from my home to go pick up if I miss them. I prefer no signature needed so it will be left in my mail box or screened in porch for me if I’m not home.


Bank Wire: If you can’t pay CASH, this is the method we prefer over all others. It is Secure and fast and you have proof your payment went from your bank account to my Jordan Family Treasures business account. So the puppy is on hold immediately. To make a bank wire payment: Contact your bank with my wire info to send the wire. Please click on the Purchase button on the puppy you want and choose “BANK WIRE TRANSFER.” This bank wire info is for paying Kristina Jordan for her puppies, not for Deborah’s Cockers: Bank Transfer Information is: Bank Of America in Belton, MO Routing for incoming wires: #026009593 Account number: 355001768410


You must put the puppy’s name and breed, and most importantly the person’s name that has signed the health contract on the actual wire transmission that is sent to my bank. If you fail to do this I will not know who or what pup the wire is for when I receive it. The same person’s name needs to be on the online puppy payment form that you fill out for the puppy you want. This is the only way to connect a buyer to a payment and to a puppy. After you send a wire contact us the next business day to make sure it has cleared in our account and that we are actually holding the puppy for you. If you do not see YOUR NAME next to your choice puppy on our website we are NOT holding the puppy for you.

Check or Money Orders:

No puppy will leave us until checks clear the bank. No puppy is on hold until payment has cleared the bank. If mailing a check or money order always send it express overnight so I will get it ASAP and make sure it has tracking on it just in case it gets lost in the mail. If you want to pay with a check or money order: Please call me first for my address to send the payment to. Then click on the Purchase button and choose the appropriate payment option.

Credit Cards or PayPal:

I prefer the payment options above because of credit card and PayPal fees and credit card fraud, but if absolutely necessary I can take a payment by credit card or PayPal. I rarely take credit cards for teacup puppies so ask first before paying with a credit card. Credit cards are paid through PAYPAL, so click the appropriate button on the payment form to take you to paypal to finish paying. Then you can pay with your PayPal account or Click PAY AS GUEST if you do not want to use a PayPal account to pay. There is a 3% fee for this. Credit card payments can take 48 business hours to clear and your puppy will not be on hold until it clears, so if you are worried about someone else getting the puppy you want best to do a bank wire. Buyer agrees that no charge backs or disputes will be filed through a credit card company or PAYPAL for ANY REASON. If there is an issue with the puppy “covered by the guarantee” the breeder/seller will replace the puppy if needed or will work with the buyer to make the situation right for all parties. If it is not in the guarantee it is NOT covered and buyer has no legal recourse to a claim. Both parties are obligated to follow the health guarantee and if a charge back is filed the buyer is breaching contract. If necessary the breeder/seller will take buyer to court in the event of legal action necessary from a breach of contract. If Buyer breaches contract and court becomes necessary Buyer will be obligated to pay for all reasonable expenses including Seller’s necessary attorney’s fees, court costs, and travel fees.


You can always pay your deposit or any other payments in cash if you are coming out to our home. If you are picking your puppy up in person and owe a remaining balance you must pay it in cash only… We do not take checks or any other payment if you are taking your puppy home that day because all payments must clear before puppy leaves our home. So if picking up in person always bring CASH for any remaining amount owed on the puppy.


I Kristina Jordan take Paypal and so does Deborah miles for her Cockers. If you want to pay with Paypal for one of her Cockers or one of my pups you can click the appropriate button when you click the purchase button on the puppy for sale page under the puppy you want to buy.

Deposits and Payments:

Puppies are on a first deposit in bases. So if there is a puppy you are interested in you need to send your deposit in asap. If I receive two deposits for the same puppy the first deposit gets the puppy and I return any other deposit back. After your deposit is received that puppy is on hold for you until the remaining amount is owed at 6 weeks of age. Please remember if you have changed your mind please contact us. Others may be interested in this puppy to, and we are holding it for you. Final amount owed on a puppy must be paid before the puppy is 6 weeks old, to allow time for payments to be cashed before puppy is transferred and allow for vet checks on shipped pups. In the case of a puppy you are interested in being over six weeks of age, payment in full is due immediately. If you are picking your puppy up in person you can pay the remaining amount at that time in “CASH”. Thank you for your consideration to us and others!!!! To make a deposit call me first to make sure the puppy is available then you can send us a payment through one of the options listed above. You will need to click the Purchase button on your puppy and fill out the form so I have your personal info for my records. Don’t forget to also print out, sign, and return the health guarantee contract! And if applicable the Teacup Puppy Care Form! I do not give refunds. If you place a deposit it cannot be refunded for any reason. In the event that the puppy you wanted is not born, or in the event of sickness or death of your puppy while in my custody, your deposit will be slid to another puppy/litter of your choice. If there is not a litter due to be born within a reasonable amount of time I may decide to return your deposit as to not hold you up on getting a puppy. Once the puppies are born and you choose the puppy you want us to hold for you, your deposit is forfeited if you change your mind on the purchase for any reason. This includes changing your mind because said puppy is looking to be a larger size or color changing when it is close to 8 weeks old. Of course I want you, (the buyer), to be happy with the puppy you have chosen and we can talk about maybe putting the deposit on a different puppy if the one you wanted is a lot bigger than expected, and has not yet been transferred to you. Important! You must print, sign, and send us the PUPPY GUARANTEE / PURCHASE AGREEMENT, and if applicable the TEACUP PUPPY CARE FORM, when you first pay for your puppy. No puppy will be reserved on hold without a signed guarantee / contract on file. Always call before making any payment to make sure that pup is available.


Shipping and Transferring puppy info:

I, Kristina Jordan, Ship all my pups going by air cargo on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Which day is dependent on my work schedule and I will know what day I will be shipping 2 to 4 days before the flight. So you will need to keep your schedule open. I have many ask me to get pup to them at a certain time of day. The flight times are not up to me but are fully dependent on weather and other factors such as when other pups I am shipping will be leaving my airport. I will have the flight details 2 days before your puppy ships to you and email or text them to you that day. Deborah is pretty open on her shipping days for her Cocker puppies. If you get one of her Cocker puppies you can contact her about her shipping days. If we have to hold a puppy for a buyer past the date it is ready to leave there is a $75 a week boarding fee. Of course we do not charge for delays on our end if puppy is not ready or there is a shipping delay. I will have the flight details for you two days before puppy is shipped. The flight details say where pick up location is at your airport so you can call your local airport and ask them where that location is in the airport. Before you leave home check the airline’s website with your cargo tracking airway bill number to make sure flight is running on time. 

  Keep in mind I can not even book the flight until puppy is paid for in full so please make sure your puppy is paid for well before week of shipping date. Also I need the signed puppy health contract before a puppy can ship! Your puppy will come in a crate with shot record, vet health certificate, and any other papers attached to the top in a baggy. Please look at front of shot record to see if your pup is microchipped. If microchipped follow instructions on registering the chip with your info, chip is blank until you do so. Pup will have food attached to top of crate.  Read NUTRITION PAGE of our site to see what food you need and have it already at your home for when your pup get there. The plastic shipping crate is yours to  keep. Make sure to take your shot record and a copy of the health guarantee to your first vet visit and all vet visits. Make your first vet appointment as soon as you know you are getting one of our puppies, appointment date needs to be within 3 business days of receiving your puppy but earlier the better so same day or next day appointment is best.  If your puppy is an extra tiny puppy we may send instructions for puppy care so make sure you follow all instructions and take all papers with you to your vet office. Smaller sized pups may have a sugar supplement attached inside the crate under the shredded paper or on top crate. UPDATE: airlines are getting more strict on what we can ship with puppy so sugar supplement may not be on the crate so have some to bring to airport to give pup if you are getting a tinier sized puppy. Vitamins we usually send may also not be allowed anymore on the crate for shipping. Flying your pup is perfectly safe and our pups are well socialized so being shipped is easier on them. We get them used to their crate and they feel safe in it before they ship. Everyone says their pup is happy and healthy when picked up at the airport. I mainly ship Delta, United, and American but sometimes use other airlines as well. All airlines I use to ship pups have special handling procedures for pets and take good care of the animals. 

Shipping continued: 


I get asked a lot if airline shipping is safe for pets. After over 20 yrs of experience shipping by air cargo and much research I have come to the conclusion yes shipping a pet is generally safe. In fact since the new FFA animal regulations started in 2000 there are less animals reported hurt than humans on flights. I took a look at the online consumer complaint reports on… here you will see complaints of all kinds from plane delays to someone stubbing their finger on a baggage conveyor. Just taking US flight complaints from Jan to March 2017 you will find over 3700 US airline complaints and 0 were animal complaints if I read it correctly. When there is an animal complaint many are not puppies but animals such as geckos, fish, and such. If you look hard enough online you will find horror stories of something bad happening to a persons pet in cargo but you have to consider the thousands of pets that fly every day without any issues at all. We live in an imperfect world so something bad can happen no matter how cautious the transporters are so if you want a 100% assurance your pet will be safe you should plan on picking up your pup in person. 

Now is airplane transport traumatizing to a pet? I can say in all my experience shipping by air cargo I can not recall a puppy buyer contacting me after receiving their pup stating the pup was absolutely traumatized from the trip. A pup might be a tad hesitant or shy from seeing new people, sites, and sounds, but never hurt or traumatized. In general a young pup is more easy going and has a natural submissive nature due to its young age which helps protect it against this kind of stress. A pup might show some signs of stress from the change in environment but a young pup should not be traumatized by a flight. Now of coarse accidents do happen from time to time but I can say in over 20 yrs I haven’t had any negative things such as injury or death happen to any of the pups I have shipped. Some adult dogs can get more stressed than a young puppy and many adults may even need a sedative such as Benadryl to fly, so I would suggest ground transport or in cabin transport if going by plane with an anxious adult dog. If you want airline insurance put on your puppy so that you are reimbursed in case of airline negligence that causes injury or death then please add $10 for every $1000 of insurance wanted. This is not included in the shipping fee so if you want this protection you will need to let me know and add it to puppy add on fees so I can pay for the insurance when I book the flight. 

Ground transport: is not my first choice for a young puppy because in my opinion it is much less stress on a pup to be shipped in  half a day by plane than to be stuck in a vehicle for days. Not to mention ground transports just like airlines will have a few other pets also in their transport and that means more time exposed to whatever sickness a strange dog might have. There are times and situations when I have needed a ground transport and I have never had a bad experience or a pup come up sick I sent out on a ground transport. A time I might use a ground transport is when weather is too harsh to ship by airplane or in older larger puppies. Ground shipping varies in cost but is generally around $350 to $500. 

Air Nanny: an air nanny is a person you can pay to travel in cabin with your puppy. This person holds your pet throughout the flight. The air Nanny may have one or two other pets they are also holding during flight so your pup would be exposed to those other pets that may not be from me but other breeders I do not know. I recall using an air Nanny when I bought a very expensive toy poodle. The Nanny had two other teacup pups along with my pup In a large sack type purse that were not from the breeder I got my pup from. My pup ended up having a parasite and I wonder if those other two pups had given it to her or she may have exposed them to it. So u see there is even a risk using an air Nanny. Air nanny’s are safer for extremely tiny puppies such as micro puppies because they can give sugar supplements, syringe feed, and watch pup closely during flight. Next time I use an air Nanny I will tell her to keep my pup separate from any other pups she may have at all times. I would suggest you do the same. Air nanny’s are generally around $360-$450 for their fee. The Nanny meets me at my airport and carries pup in cabin with her until plane arrives at your local airport where you meet her for your pup. If you use an air Nanny I have an additional fee paid to me of $120 for the health certificate and gas and time driving to airport to meet your air Nanny. There is no transport guarantee on health more than what the air Nanny is willing to give if using an air Nanny. So you can ask your air Nanny how you would be reimbursed if something happens to your pet by accident while in her care. Pup is still covered by our first yr of life breeder guarantee against any life threatening genetic defects. I only know one air Nanny and I can give you her phone number if you would like to discuss her services with her. All payments owed must be complete before puppy can leave with air Nanny. Air Nanny will not take any payments from you for me, only payment she asks from you is for her travel fee. 

What is the safest way to transport your pet? Well that would be you picking up your pup In person of coarse. You are always welcome to come to my home or I can meet you at the Kansas City international airport. If your pup is flying it will need a health certificate and so the $120 fee for health certificate and time and gas would be needed if I’m meeting you at airport. Or if your picking puppy up at my home and only health certificate is needed that’s only $50. Please make sure you contact your airline to make sure you are approved to fly back home with a puppy in cabin and make sure to bring a soft sided airline approved carrier for in cabin use. Call me before booking flight to discuss days and times I would be available to meet you at airport. 

If picking pup up in person any amount owed is due in CASH ONLY since payment would need to clear bank before pup can leave. So that means no cashier checks since that to would have to clear bank which could take 24 to 48 business hrs. 

You need to read the BLOG page, PUPPY CARE page, and NUTRITION page before you get one of our puppies.  Most questions can be answered there.

You are welcome to call me any time 9am to 10pm cst to discuss shipping or at any time 24/7 if an emergency. Email: or call: 816-682-0265 Kristina

Teacup Puppies: We are known for our healthy extra tiny puppies. All our tinier pups come with care instructions for a tinier more fragile puppy. Make sure to follow all instructions. If you are buying a teacup sized puppy from us you take full responsibility in making sure the puppy is eating enough and syringe feeding every 3 to 4 hours if necessary. If you are unable or unwilling to do this do not buy a teacup puppy. They take extra care because of their tiny size. Size: We do not guarantee a puppy will be the size it is charting at time of transfer to be the adult weight when full grown. Size and color change is a risk you take when buying any puppy and NO breeder is going to guarantee that. I’m just one of the few breeders that is honest about it right from the start. As always I want the new puppy owner to be happy and if you have any issues at all you are welcome to contact me to see what can be done for you. I’m available by phone 24/7 before and after you receive your puppy.

All Puppies over 2lbs at purchase – or seller advises


All Puppies under 2lbs at purchase: does not guarantee puppy is going to be a teacup sized adult – for small sized puppies – or seller advises.